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This Writer Rides Again!

Meet the many sides to David Nelson Nelson

The Humorous Slant

David is known by many names of affection from his friends that cannot be printed here. He is, however, known as The Cowboy Poet Laureate of Tennessee! That's correct, folks, the Governor and General Assembly gave him this lifetime appointment for entertaining across America as an ambassador for Tennessee. His show, The "Cowboy Comedy Show", has been enjoyed by thousands! One elderly lady came to him one time and said, "Mister, that's the funniest thing I ever saw! A tear rolled right down my left leg!"

He performed Stand-Up Comedy at the Town Clock Inn in Dubuque, Iowa and the Side Splitters Comedy Club in Knoxville, Tennessee. He also performed at local gas stations, but the early morning patrons didn't think he was funny. As a matter of fact, not many people think he is funny! He is even a former quasi-cowboy having worked at a ranch in Colorado.

David is a past member of the Smoky Mountain Storyteller's Association. Why, he even taught classes about telling stories at the University of Dubuque located in Dubuque, Iowa and at East Tennessee State University located in Johnson City, Tennessee.

The Professional Facet

David is a retired physical therapist. He received his postgraduate degree from the University of Iowa. He is a past member of Who's Who of Elite American Professionals, American Medical Equestrian Association, National and Central Florida Speakers' Associations and Human Factors and Ergonomic Societies. He is a past Board Member of Indian River County, Florida Little League Baseball, Adult Education, and the Arthritis Association.

He has written for many international and national journals, magazines, and other publications. He produced the videos, “Back Injury Prevention for the Equestrian”(endorsed by world-famous horse trainer, John Lyons) and “Back Injury Prevention During Transfers”. David wrote the book, Stress Management: Does Anyone in Chicago Know about It?

The Somber Stance

David has suffered from clinical depression his entire life. His alcoholic parents and mentally ill mother physically abused him. His book, The Shade Tree Choir, gives a vivid description of how he survived. He taught middle-school aged children the importance of opening up their emotions to responsible adults if they are abused. He is a co-founder of the support group in Indian River County, Florida, “Adult Children of Alcoholics”.

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