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Meet The PALS

Some PALS Characters (left to right): Rich Clemens aka Jim Faber, David Nelson Nelson aka distinguished author, Becky Rafoth Smith aka Veronica, Dave Markward aka Rex, and Bryan Mihalakis aka Kosta.

Dave Markward aka Rex: "As the past president of our class at Jefferson Junior High School and Dubuque Senior High School, I hereby proclaim that I'm the best looking of all the guy PALS. Of course, look at the competition. I've been chasing David's tail (we were track guys) and tales for over fifty years of friendship.

Bryan Mihalakis aka Kosta: "I think anyone who has ever struggled in life will enjoy reading how being focused on goals and using a sense of humor helps with the struggle. The best part of his book is what I wrote about growing up in the Flats. I was the PAL who opened "Sons-A-Britches" clothing store with David Nelson. I'm the PAL who drove the scooter in the Bahamas with Nelson balancing a case of beer against my back. Both stories are in his book."

Rich Clemens aka Jim Faber: "Why was it back in the 60's that each time I hung around with Nelson, I always got in trouble? I think he's the reason the nuns never liked me. Being the class clown, I'm the PAL that always gave Dave Nelson a run for his money."

Becky Rafoth Smith aka Veronica: "I certainly like David Nelson's book, PALS. I especially like his description of me and the time when we first met. Truer words were never spoken. I'm the PAL that taught him how to open up with his feelings. What a mistake that was. He hasn't shut up since."

Richard Nelson aka "The Rick Factor":
"I disagree with Bryan Mihalakis. The best part of the book is what I wrote about Huey's Grocery Store. I'm not one of the PALS. I'm David Nelson's older and much better looking brother. I'm the one the "Rick Factor" was named for. Read about that in the section titled "Alabama.""

Tom Schweikert aka Tom Schweikert: "Who really wrote this book anyway? Kosta says he wrote the part about the "Flats." Richard says he wrote the part about Huey's Grocery Store. From the time I met Dave Nelson at Audubon Elementary School, he has always conned others into trouble. I'm the PAL who has known him the longest. He convinced me to go into that storm sewer and shoot people with our bean shooters. You can find that story in the section titled "Audubon.""

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