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Praise for My Treasure

Darcy Maulsby, author of Calhoun County, Iowa: "David's poetry manifests the magic of the invisible, crystalizing the essence of life into words. If you've ever felt joy, uncertainty, pain, love, wonder, or hope, David's poems are a gift that will feed your soul and renew your spirit."

Bill Gengler, retired Navy Captain as Public Affairs Officer/Journalist for the Navy and for California: "Mutual love, trust, loyalty and friendship are the highlights in most of the poems and they will either make you laugh or bring tears to your eyes, because they may address some parts of your life you remember most. I was a journalist for over sixty-years and found his poems well written and could bring reality to the mind of many readers. The poems will entertain you and put you into a new mode of thinking about your everyday life."

Allison S., M.Ed., Knoxville, TN: "If you are a fan of poetry, you canít pass up the opportunity to read Davidís new collection. His works are real, raw, and relatable. This one is a keeper!"

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