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About the Book


PALS: Part Two is my memoir told through a series of short stories. I have been a physical therapist, adventurer, writer, and national storyteller.

You will cry with me the day my ten-year-old patient, Danny took his first step. Laugh with me the day I helped a bunch of physically challenged boys catch fish.

I shall take you to the swamps of Florida and into the jungles of Central America. You will be with me the night I caught alligators by hand and the time I soared at 2500 feet hang-gliding. There will be cliff diving, airboat rides and plunges over waterfalls.

I shall take you behind the scenes to a KKK parade in Alabama. There you will see first-hand, a sad part of America. You will feel the pride in America when I carried the Olympic Torch. Your heart will race the night we caught a wild hog by hand. You will feel the thrill of riding horseback through three States in five days. You will discover why there once were farm animals in my living room.

These stories and many more await you in PALS: Part Two

Want to make a difference? I donate a percentage of my sales to Jefferson Middle School library in Dubuque, Iowa. That school is located in a poor and decayed area. That is the school I attended.

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