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About The Shade Tree Choir
a novel by David Nelson

Meet eight-year-old Krame. His friends call him the “Thinker,” and he’s leader of their gang since he’s always the one to plot their pranks so they won’t get caught. At home, though, there’s no getting away with anything. Krame’s father is an alcoholic, who beats him mercilessly, forces him to stand in the corner for hours on end, and locks him in an unlit stairwell without food or water. His mentally ill mother is also an alcoholic, and fails to give her son any scrap of emotional support. Things go on like this… until tragedy strikes.
     The grim truth of Krame’s childhood stays hidden for forty years until he opens up to one of his old friends when he returns home to bury his father. In the process of recollecting his past, Krame discovers his father was not who he thought he was.

About the author

David Nelson graduated from the University of Dubuque and the University of Iowa. He is a retired physical therapist, an ergonomist, a specialist in arthritis and manual therapy, a public speaker, and the official Cowboy Poet Laureate of Tennessee—an honor bestowed upon him by the Governor and General Assembly. He performs his poetry nationwide. To book a speaking program, visit www.cowboycomedyshow.com.

Reader responses

“David Nelson's compelling tale of personal triumph as told through the eyes of a young boy is a must-read for all.” Bryan Mihalakis

“Buckle up! This is not a read for the faint of heart. The Shade Tree Choir is raw and real. It is felt deep in the viscera. David Nelson is the Frank McCourt of the Midwest.” Dave Markward

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