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A little bit about me...

I wrote The Shade Tree Choir in a time that I was trying to deal with my psychiatric diagnosis of clinical depression. I felt by telling others about my past, I would heal myself inside. It was a cathartic experience for me and was difficult to write at times. I suspect that is why the word used by others most often about my novel is "Powerful".

I am a retired physical therapist. My sub-specialty was dealing with pain. I was a certified arthritis specialist by the American Physical Therapy Association. I was a certified specialist in office ergonomics and a Manual Therapist.

I wrote the book, "Stress Management: Does Anyone in Chicago Know About It?" There was a time when I taught groups how to manage their stress. I am a former member of The National and Central Florida Speakers' Association. I am a former instructor of Tai Chi. I know how to meditate and use a vast array of methods to manage my depression and stress.

My blog covers all types of topics related to mental health issues. I use my Blog to help others. Feel free to send me any questions or reply to either of my Blog sites.

Thanks for buying my book, The Shade Tree Choir.

Photo by Dr. Ellen Rudolph.

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