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A little bit about me...

The Governor of Tennessee and The General Assembly designated me as the Cowboy Poet Laureate of our great State. It is an honor I carry with me when I travel the country performing my show, Cowboy Comedy Show. I have performed opening acts for the Late Tammy Wynette, Johnny Paycheck, Diamond Rio, Perfect Stranger and many others.

In the mid 1990s I worked with the Kirkwell Cattle Company in Springfield, Colorado. The owners, Dean and Wes said I was the worst hand they ever saw! But I sure did have fun. They offer all types of cowboy-related trips and if you are a 'City Slicker' looking for a life-changing event I suggest you contact them. http://www.kirkwellcattle.com/

My book, The Campfire Collection of Cowpoke Poetry is a collection of my poems and stories (lies) that I have been spreading for some twenty years. I am known as 'The Biggest Liar in East Tennessee'. As one little old lady told me after one of my shows, "Mister, that was the funniest thing I ever heard. You made me laugh 'till I leaked. A tear ran right down my leg!"

And so, I hope you also will 'laugh 'till you leak'. Thanks for buying my book.

Photo by Dr. Ellen Rudolph.

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