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Praise for The Campfire Collection

Mary M., Knoxville, TN: "David is a great storyteller with a cowboy twist. He can tickle your funny bone and touch your heart."

R. Tony Smith, Former Special Events Manager, Gatlinburg, Tennessee Tourism Department: "David Nelson will captivate you with his stories and cowboy poetry. I have worked with many international performers and rank David as being near the top of all!"

Erica Keeney, American Ranch Horse Association: "We at the Association enjoyed your stories and cowboy poetry. Everyone got a kick out of you! You are great and we look forward to having you back again."

Suzanne Pendleton: "My husband and I caught your show when you were on tour. Your magical use of the English language, body gestures, and voice inflection were incredible! You are a natural! Without a doubt, your show was one of the funniest, rib-ticklin' performances we've ever attended."

Tom Schweikert, Dubuque, Iowa: "I have shared your poems and stories with my grandchildren. They love hearing me read from The Campfire Collection of Cowpoke Poetry. They have some lines memorized and read along with me. Every grandparent should have a copy of this."

Charlene: "As a fan of Mr. Nelson's previous book, The Shade Tree Choir, I eagerly anticipated his next project. With everything covered from horses to loose bowels, there is something for everyone to enjoy in his prose and stories. Mr. Nelson appears to be a very straight-forward, life-loving gentle man with a tremendous sense of humor. One of my favorite snippets was:

"There were gasps of air, ears laid back, and nostrils flared of course. And if you think that was a sight to see, you should have seen my horse!"

Mr. Nelson delivers his stories with simplicity and just the right dose of light-hearted fun. Whether you read it around the campfire or alone in bed, his writings will leave you captivated. I would love to see him perform in person!"

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